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Core Values

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We Value Unity

Without unity there is no blessing

At Hope Community Church we have a God given vision that unifies us. That vision is Serve, Save, Shape. Everything we do is processed though the filters of: 1. Will this serve the community in love? 2. Will this provide an opportunity for someone to hear the greatest message ever told and follow Christ? 3. Will this provide an opportunity to shape a follower of Christ into a more loving servant?

Without the unity provided by this vision the church becomes disjointed and scattered. Unity provides clarity even among people with different giftings and abilities. When we are unified through a God-given vision we can see how each person’s talent contributes to the everyday fulfillment of that vision. We are not looking for uniformity but that each person plays his God given role in fulfilling the vision He has given us. Jesus prayed for it, Satan tries to keep us from it and King David said the blessing of God follows it. We will strive for unity.

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We Value Generosity

God has blessed us to bless others

At Hope Community Church we believe generosity rules the day. Paul teaches us in 2 Corinthians that God will enrich us in every way for the express purpose of being generous toward others. We purposely pray for God’s blessing in our lives, not to keep or hoard, but that God would reach someone else through our generosity. We pray that God will bless others through us. Generosity is not limited to material things. We believe that we should be radically generous with the grace and mercy God has extended to each one of us, modeling the forgiveness Christ has given and confirming that we are his followers.

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We Value Excellence

Only our best is good enough

At Hope Community Church we believe that a life of excellence honors God. We are committed to developing a culture where mediocrity is not tolerated. We find ways to do it better even if there’s nothing wrong. We value persistent development of people and systems. Paul taught that whatever we find ourselves doing we should put all we have into it for God’s glory. God is worthy of our best every time, all the time.

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We Value Resourcefulness

Getting all we can out of all we have

At Hope Community Church we believe that God entrusts us with valuable resources and in turn expects us to use those resources wisely. When much is given, much is required. Our approach is to find ways to multiply God’s resources by being creative, and persistent. It is our goal to maximize every dollar. We are not cheap. We are resourceful.

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We Value Honor

Promoting the value that God has placed in others

At Hope Community Church we publicly recognize the gifts God has placed in people. Honoring others creates a culture of appreciation. Where there is honor people flourish. We will not withhold praise; we will encourage a culture that looks for the great things God has placed in all of us.

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We Value Process

Committed to the journey of faith

At Hope Community Church we value the journey of faith. We understand that becoming like Christ is a process. We approach people with the same grace and mercy that we need every day. Jesus walked through life with people while he was here on earth and we want to do the same. Hope Community Church is a place where people can find support, comfort and encouragement during the journey. We value the lessons learned on the road as much as arriving at the destination.

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