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Far and Wide

Mission Trip Opportunities

Jesus left us with a final command to go into all the world and make disciples.

At Hope Community Church, our mission is to introduce members of our local faith community to how we are involved in furthering the Gospel, both foreign and stateside, and to support our partner missionaries in the field.

Through local outreach projects and purposeful missions trips, everyone has the opportunity to participate in taking the Gospel Far and Wide, and showing our communities how Hope Works.

Learn more about how you can participate. (PDF)

Upcoming Trips

Guatemala - August 2022

August 7 - 14

Join us for our first trip to Guatemala! We are excited to partner with one of our new missionary partners, Kenny and Lacy Horton. Kenny and Lacy work with Open+ ministry to university students, and they are also the country coordinators for ChildHope, a ministry of the Assemblies of God that is similar to Compassion International.

Our team will have the opportunity to do some construction, evangelism, installing water filtration systems, working with kids- there is a lot of ministry that we can help with! We will finalize exactly what we will be doing as we get closer to leaving and see what the make up of our team is.

Cost for the trip is all inclusive- you will only need money for any additional snacks and souvenirs that you wish to purchase. Any sightseeing or extra activities will be covered. All food, transportation, lodging, plane tickets- that is all in the price. Budget for $2,000, and it is possible for the cost to come down after we purchase airfare.

There are no vaccinations required for this trip, other than a tetanus shot, to be safe. Anyone that has not been vaccinated for covid will need to test before we leave the States, and everyone will need to test in Guatemala before we return home, AT THIS TIME.

Registration is on a first come first served basis, and we will take teenagers as young as 16 without a parent, 14 with a parent. Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to serve with our missionaries.

Honduras - October 2022

October 8-15, 2022

Sign up now to travel with Hope back to Honduras! Once again, we will be working with missionaries Brad and Shelly Foltz. Brad and Shelly head up the Honduras 100+ project for Builders International.

We will once again be building a church building in a town in Honduras. You don’t want to miss working with Pastor Yojan and the team he brings from his home church to assist with building.

Your trip costs include all meals, lodging, transportation, including airfare, and any excursions that we do. You will only need money for any snacks or souvenirs that you plan to purchase. We do ask that you make sure you have a current tetanus vaccination, as we will be working on a job site. A covid vaccine is not required of trip members, but you will need to test before leaving the States if you haven’t been vaccinated, and all members will need to test to come back to the States.

Plan to budget $2,000 for the cost of the trip, which could be reduced once airfare is purchased. Anyone 16 years and older is welcome to come along, 14 years old with a parent. Sign ups are first come first served, so sign up as soon as you are able.