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Far and Wide

Mission Trip Opportunities

Jesus left us with a final command to go into all the world and make disciples.

At Hope Community Church, our mission is to introduce members of our local faith community to how we are involved in furthering the Gospel, both foreign and stateside, and to support our partner missionaries in the field.

Through local outreach projects and purposeful missions trips, everyone has the opportunity to participate in taking the Gospel Far and Wide, and showing our communities how Hope Works.

Learn more about how you can participate. (PDF)

Upcoming Trips

Belgium 2021

Aug 20-29, 2021

Sign up to travel with us to the heart of Europe, Belgium! We will be traveling to Continental Theological Seminary in August 2021, to work on improvements around the school. Some work that we may be doing is completing pouring a concrete handicap ramp, building a lean to for a tractor, spreading gravel for a parking area, and/or rebuilding a woodworking shop.

Space is limited, don’t wait to sign up and miss out on this amazing trip!

Hondurus 2021

September 4-11, 2021

Join us in September as we journey back to Honduras! We will once again work with missionary Brad Foltz, either building a church with Honduras 100+, and/or with Pastor Yojan at his church.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to partner with these great ministries! Space is limited, so apply today.