Daniel Fast 2023

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Connect Group Discussion Questions

​1. What stood out to you most about the discussion between Pastor Chris and the Harpers (from Save One)?

2. Why is sin so easy to fall into and doing what’s right so difficult sometimes?

3. When we sin, in what ways does it isolate us from God and others?

4. In what ways does sin make it easy for us to be selfish?

5. When is a time you asked for forgiveness and God healed your pain so you could help others?

6. What keeps us from taking action and getting involved in the opportunities in front of us?

7. “Sinners felt safe with Jesus.” How did Jesus make sinners feel safe? How can we help people get past their sin in a way that neither condones it nor condemns them?

8. How can we remember to treat others trapped in sin the way we hope they would treat us if we were in their position?

9. Why is it important for the church as a community to get involved?

10. What are some things you would like to do differently because of the conversation with the Harpers?